Black Friday 2021

I have the PERFECT 2021 Black Friday offers for those who love quick wins or aren’t ready to enroll in a multi-session coaching program.

BONUS: These Black Friday offers launch Wednesday, November 24th, and end on Friday, November 26th at 11:59pm.

Are you ready to WIN in your career and get 72% OFF at the same time? Yes, you read that correctly! I am giving an amazing 72% discount on two offers for Black Friday – but there are only 12 total slots available at this cost! Choose your option below.

Offer 1: Career Activation Strategy Session $69 (regular investment $249)

Career Activation Strategy Session – If you are a person with dozens of ideas swimming in your head or who gets struggles with shiny object syndrome, the Career Activation Strategy Session is exactly what you need to narrow your focus and take strategic, inspired action in your career. After our one-hour session, you will have a clear path with action steps to get you to one career goal.

Select One (1) Focus Area for Your Individual Strategy Session:

  1. Destination - Establish specific career focus and develop goals and milestones to reach them
  2. Preparation - Uncover and combat internal and external barriers to career success
  3. Amplification - Leverage your skills to ace your promotion meeting, performance review, or job interview

Offer 2: Idea Generation Brainstorming Session $69 (regular investment $249)

Idea Generation Brainstorming Session – If you are feeling stuck or isolated on your career journey, the Idea Generation Brainstorming Session is the perfect way to get your wheels turning and see the possibility and potential in the opportunities around you. After our one-hour session, you will have three concrete ideas of how to advance one career goal or tackle one career challenge.

The clock is ticking and there are only 12 total slots available!


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