For Companies

Is This True About Your Company?

-Your best employees are running for the door

-You've created a pipeline of strong employees ready to be promoted

-Consistent sick days, missed deadlines, staff conflict, or mission drift plague your company

-Your company values have been embedded into your organizational culture

-Your bottom line is impacted by a bottomless pit of challenges and chaos


I Have Solutions:

At Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting, our mission is simple – to eliminate toxic workplaces by developing skilled, empathetic, and goal-oriented leaders who have the vision, support, and resources to create a culture where employees thrive individually and collectively.


What Can I Offer Your Company?

  • I have decades of experience serving alongside Executive Directors and CEOs to operationalize, brand, and expand companies.
  • I am a respected professional who has coordinated, led, and managed teams of diverse individuals to produce positive outcomes and meet deadlines.
  • I have documented experience in finding viable solutions to problems in a flexible, time-sensitive, and creative manner.
  • I am a skilled trainer and workshop facilitator with an understanding of professional standards and ethics as well as current research and best practices in employee recruitment and retention, leadership development, and human behavior.


I deliver organizational support strategies to move your company into its true potential!

  1. Leadership Development - Executive coaching and training for company leadership
  2. Operations - Intentional implementation of the company mission, culture, processes, and objectives
  3. Capacity Building - Develop and strengthen internal infrastructure,  stakeholder relationships, and other critical resources
  4. Strategic Initiatives - Develop and manage employee engagement, professional development, internship, volunteer, and social impact programs


Profits and positive impact are NOT mutually exclusive!

My personal philosophy on leadership:

  1. Leadership is a privilege
  2. Leadership is about impact and influence, not a title
  3. Leadership is earned, not taken
  4. Leadership is about transformation, not transactions
  5. Great leaders create more great leaders


Conscious leaders who value your customers and staff and want to make a difference in the world, SCHEDULE a call to determine how I can assist in the elevation of your business and your employees.