Social Work Students

Hey Social Work Students and Recent Grads:

  • Are you struggling to leverage your college education?
  • Do you want to build your social work career on a solid foundation?
  • Does your job search feel painful and unproductive?

If your job search is negatively impacting your life:

  • What if you could develop power over your inner critic?
  • What if you had proven career development strategies at your fingertips?
  • What if you could connect with a group of peers experiencing similar challenges?

The Uplevel Your Position Program Career Development Program has been redesigned so social work students and recent grads can chart a clear path to the career of their dreams. The Uplevel Your Position Program can help avoid pitfalls as you begin your job search, create materials that stand out from the competition, and establish your unique professional identity.

In the Uplevel Your Position Career Development Program you will add a new cheerleader to your squad and help you discover your unique assets, uncover any limiting beliefs, and develop meaningful and expansive career goals.

Does this sound like you?

  • Struggling to maintain motivation?
  • Unsure what you want to do in your career?
  • Know what you want but unsure if you can achieve your career goals?
  • Unsure how to improve your online presence?
  • Struggling to gain experience in the field of social work?

What if there is a way to eliminate these obstacles?

I understand the frustration and confusion that job hunting and career planning can produce so I created the Uplevel Your Position Program. The Uplevel Your Position Program was created to help social work students stand out in a crowded job market, fearlessly express their abilities on paper and in job interviews, and give their career confidence a boost.

IMPORTANT: New cohort coming in April 2022!

My Strategic Career Management process encompasses three pillars – clarity, credibility, and congruency. Strategic Career Management is the lifelong process of investing resources into your career to maintain or increase your value in the workplace, undertake work that is personally satisfying, strive for work/life balance, and achieve financial security.

You want to level up, but you have to STRETCH in your position before you can Uplevel Your Position. STRETCH is the career development framework that is the foundation of my Uplevel Your Position Program. The components of my STRETCH framework are Service, Tracking, Results, Enthusiasm, Tenacity, Communication, and Hope.

Uplevel Your Position Career Development Strategies:

 Clarity - clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity

  1. Fess Up – Admit what you want
  2. Look Up – Focus on your assets
  3. Saddle Up – Prepare for the job you want

Credibility - the quality of being trusted and believed in

  • Show Up – Accept your spotlight
  • Speak Up – Advocate for yourself
  • Stand Up – Commit to advancing your career

Congruency a state of consistency; the quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent

  • Level Up – Invest in yourself


Uplevel Your Position Program IS for you if you are:

  • Motivated and ready to level up in your career
  • Goal-oriented and ambitious
  • Know you are meant for more
  • Dedicated to making a positive difference in this world
  • Pursuing or possessing a degree in social work (or human services - sociology, counseling, public health, education, criminal justice, etc.)

Uplevel Your Position Program is NOT for you if you:

  • Aren’t sure you are ready to transition/change your current situation
  • Need to be convinced of your value or brilliance
  • Don’t want to implement new strategies
  • Believe that struggle is required to excel in your career

My most successful clients and students are talented and motivated. They are open to learning and implementing new knowledge. When doubt creeps in they acknowledge it and use strategies from their arsenal to elevate their confidence.

Elevation Is Possible:

  • Imagine if you had your major achievements at your fingertips
  • Consider what it’s like to share your accomplishments without self-doubt
  • You can define success on your own terms
  • Be prepared to put your best foot forward
  • Join a community of like-minded social work students and recent grads

You don’t have to imagine or wonder. Let’s make your career dreams a reality with the Uplevel Your Position Career Development Program.

I’m Nicki Sanders. A Career and Empowerment Strategist, Human Services Hiring Manager, Social Worker, and Professor who built the career and business of my dreams. I’ve experienced self-doubt as I pondered how to advance my career. I’ve let time slip away because I was too busy to focus on my career. I know what it's like to sit in overwhelm and frustration as you prepare to update your resume and cover letter. I’ve experienced compassion fatigue and professional burnout but still questioned whether I should leave the job I loved (but also hated at the same time). I don’t want the same for you.

I created the Uplevel Your Position Program to help social workers launch and build strong, successful careers in the profession. I believe that we all should be paid well to do work that we love.

Only twelve (12) social work students and recent grads are accepted in each quarterly cohort to allow for individual support, intentional implementation, and genuine connection.

If you want to elevate your career confidence and competence, enroll in the next cohort of the Uplevel Your Position Career Development Program beginning May 1, 2022.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does this process work?

A: Apply for acceptance. Once accepted, complete your registration and receive your enrollment materials and invoice. Only 12 participants are accepted in each cohort.

Q: What if I don’t know what I want to do?

A: Career clarity is a key focus area in the program.

Q: How long is the program?

A: There are 7 lessons in the program. The sessions are delivered electronically over 14 days. You will have time during the 2-week session to catch up on missed work plus question and answer sessions.

Q: Is this information I can find online for free?

A: The Uplevel Your Position Program was developed based on my research and the professional successes and challenges of myself, my colleagues, and my clients. The program is organized in a way that will save you time, eliminate guesswork and provide targeted career information upon which to build a solid career foundation.

The Uplevel Your Position Program is perfect for social work and human services students and new graduates

  • Fields of Study – Social Work, Sociology, Counseling, Public Health, Education, Criminal Justice, Public Administration

Create a powerful collection of your work, develop the language to showcase your uniqueness, and increase your confidence.

IMPORTANT: There are no refunds provided. Contact me if you are unsatisfied with this program and your investment may be applied to other career products.


LEVEL UP: Imagine where you could be in your career if you had a group of awesome emerging social work professionals cheering you on. Imagine the time you could save and the frustration you could avoid with mentorship and guidance. Imagine how great it would feel to be able to document your career accomplishments. Imagine having meaningful stories to share in your job interview. You don’t have to imagine - it's available to you. The Uplevel Your Position Program is the solution you seek.

You can be ready for your next job interview or promotion interview in two weeks by enrolling in the Uplevel Your Position Program.

The program investment is $169.00. There are only 12 spaces available for undergraduate and graduate students and those who graduated less than 2 years prior in social work! A two-part payment plan is available for current students, but restrictions apply (two payments of $99).


APPLY: Uplevel Your Position Career Development Program Application

Check out the 2021 Upevel Your Self-Talk Career Development Challenge videos HERE.