Unsure if long-term coaching is for you?

Do you really need a few quick wins right now?

No need to remain stuck, struggling, or stagnant. I'm ready to help you move forward.


Take Action NOW!

A. Career Activation Strategy Session

Allows you 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with me to develop strategies to address one area and activate your career acceleration on your own terms. REGISTER for my Career Activation Strategy Session to move your career forward.

Regular Investment: $249.00 

B. Interview Preparation Consultation
A 60-minute interview planning consultation and mock interview where specific resources and strategies are provided based on your work experience, career goals, and key points for the position of your upcoming job interview are developed. Check-in after the interview is included. Pay for and schedule your consultation at least 8 days prior to your interview as last-minute sessions may not be available.

Regular Investment: $249.00

C. Career Brainstorming Session

If you are ready to explore ideas to leverage your skills, interests, and education, register for your Career Brainstorming Session. Whether you have a ton of ideas running through your mind that you need to flesh out or you want to do something specific but can't decide how to get it done, I can generate ideas with and for you. Schedule your one-hour Brainstorming Session and depart with at least 3 implementable money-making or career-advancing ideas.

Regular Investment: $199.00 

D. Job Search Audit

Organization and time management are crucial to a successful job search. During this two-hour session, we clarify your career goal then I review your current job search materials, job search strategies, and job search process to identify and eliminate barriers, refine your job search process, and set you up for successful job interviews.

Regular Investment: $497.00 



NOTE: Only a limited number of sessions are available each month. Only one of each session per person is allowed in a 6-month period.