Strategy Session

What is the greatest challenge you are currently facing in your career?

  • Do you think you want to change careers?
  • Have you had trouble putting your degree to work to advance your career?
  • Do you want more education or training but aren’t sure if it's essential?
  • Have you hit a wall in your job search process?
  • Are you overwhelmed at the thought of job hunting?
  • Have you recently been passed over for a promotion?

What can you do about it?

REGISTER for my Career Activation Strategy Session to move your career forward.

My Career Activation Strategy Session allows you 60 minutes of uninterrupted time with me to develop strategies to address one area and accelerate your career on your own terms.

Select the area to focus on and you and I will work together to generate ideas and creative solutions to your employment question, issue, or interest while developing customized strategies to help you reach your next career goal.

Select One (1) Focus Area For Your Individual Strategy Session:

  1. Destination - Establish a specific career focus and develop goals and milestones to reach it
  2. Preparation - Uncover and combat internal and external barriers to career success
  3. Amplification - Leverage your skills to ace your promotion meeting, performance review, or job interview

Schedule your Career Activation Strategy Session to gain insider insight from an experienced hiring manager and career strategist. You select the focus of the session from the list above and maximize this unique opportunity to learn new trends in career development, consider new perspectives, receive tips to maintain your momentum, and welcome a new cheerleader to your team.