Workforce Development

  • Who do you need on board for your organization to thrive?
  • What do you need from your employees in order for your company to excel?
  • What are you willing to do to hire and retain them?

 If you are experiencing high rates of employee turnover, long periods with unfilled vacancies, or an inability to promote from within, not only are you losing money, but you are also squandering the precious commodity we call time.

If you are ready to build a workplace of qualified employees, a culture of innovative employees, and a team of engaged employees, investments in your people and your community are the answer.  Increase upward mobility, talent pipelines, employee engagement, and company brand through workforce development programs.

Give back, do good, and pay it forward – employees want to work for companies with a heart and consumers want to support socially responsible companies.

Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting offers program development and management consulting services that positively impact:

  • Employee engagement and experience
  • Talent retention and mobility
  • Community reputation and branding
  • Productivity and profits

Nicki Sanders has a Master of Social Work degree with a concentration in Management and Community Organization and a specialization in social action and community development. She has led, coordinated, and managed several successful multi-disciplinary teams across various programs. Nicki has recruited, hired, trained, and retained employees, volunteers, and interns. She is knowledgeable of social work professional standards and ethics as well as current research and best practices in employee engagement, youth development, leadership development, and community engagement.

Set up a 15-minute consultation to discuss ways to introduce, implement, or improve impactful workforce development programs:

  1. Learning and Development Programs
  2. Internship Programs
  3. Social Good Programs
  4. Volunteer Programs





Workforce Development