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Is Your Teen Wearing A Mask?

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 31, 2011 | 0 Comments

Pumpkins, vampires, even President Obama. Teens and adults across the country will be dressed in Halloween costumes today.  We have been bombarded with commercials by retailers who hope to cash in on the phenomenon.  Many people plan their costumes weeks and even months ahead of the big dress-up day.  Halloween costumes allow teens to pretend […]

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What Is Your Teen Doing Tonight?

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 26, 2011 | 0 Comments

Life for most of us is jam packed with activities and events.  Youth and adults alike are spread thin as we work, attend school, shop, exercise, volunteer, and the list goes on and on.   In addition to eating together as a family, there is another way that families can have fun and bond TONIGHT!  Did […]

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What’s In Your Teen’s Mind?

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 25, 2011 | 0 Comments

If you are what you eat does that mean that your teen is what they hear on their iPod and watch on TV?  For the most part I believe they are. The media is a powerful influence in our lives and I believe in censorship for that exact reason.  Not extreme censorship but censorship nonetheless.  […]

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Please Google Yourself

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 21, 2011 | 0 Comments

Our teens have never experienced life without computers and the worldwide web has brought the world into their bedrooms and palms. Technology has also taken their lives into other people’s worlds and palms.  It is imperative that teens understand how to protect themselves on the internet.   Staying safe online is about more than avoiding […]

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Get In The Game!

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 19, 2011 | 0 Comments

In the fight again childhood obesity, the physical benefits of sports are obvious.  Healthy youth are active youth.  Team/organized sports also build social skills – collaboration, loyalty, character.  Participation on sports teams has also allowed countless youth to receive a free college education.  Despite the numerous benefits of tennis, football, basketball, lacrosse, cheerleading, track, and […]

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Teens Practice at College and Career Fairs

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 17, 2011 | 0 Comments

Deciding whether or not to attend college after high school and what institution to attend is one of the most important decisions young adults make.  Every fall students from high school to college have the opportunity to attend college and career fairs in their local area.  Local school systems organize them.  College preparatory agencies organize […]

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Why Do You Recommend Internships?

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 12, 2011 | 0 Comments

Experience is a great teacher.  On the job training is a bonus and not a rule in many places of employment and that is the main reason that I highly recommend that all high school and college students complete an internship.  Many students who are seeking employment aren’t hired because they lack experience.  They are […]

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Literacy Changes Lives!

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 5, 2011 | 0 Comments

I am a lover of books and a huge proponent of student community service.  This post is dedicated to the union of the two.   Becoming a literacy volunteer or a tutor is a great way for students to earn community service hours while helping improve lives.  Words are all around us – on signs, […]

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What About That Opportunity?

By Nicki Sanders | Oct 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Successful people take action.  They get up and get moving in the direction of their dreams.  In order to achieve success, one must be able to seek out and take advantage of opportunities.  But how do you effectively evaluate job, academic, business, housing, and even relationship opportunities?   A prerequisite for making wise choices or […]

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