18 Books That Positively Impacted My Career



“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” -Joseph Addison

I have always loved to read. Books have been a huge part of my learning both inside and outside the classroom.  As I think back on my career journey I know that I would not be where I am today without the books that I’ve read.  Below is a list of my list of the top 18 books that positively impacted my career.

As I think of the list I realize that it’s a relatively diverse list.  The subjects range from job searching to higher education to salary negotiation to entrepreneurship to volunteerism.  Some books I read as an undergraduate student and others I read just last year. Each book impacted me in a different way.

I hope you take some time to read a few of them and share your thoughts

18 Books That Positively Impacted My Career

  1. The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream – Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, Reameck Hunt, and Lisa Frazier Page
  2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robery Kiyosaki
  3. Multipreneuring – Tom Gorman
  4. Overcoming Underearning: A Five-Step Plan to a Richer Life – Barbara Stanny
  5. The Magnolia Story – Chip and Joanna Gaines
  6. Making A Living Without A Job – Barbara Winter
  7. Life Lists for Teens: Tips, Steps, Hints, and How-Tos for Growing Up, Getting Along, Learning, and Having Fun – Pamela Espeland
  8. The 4:8 Principle: The Secret to a Joy-Filled Life – Tommy Newberry
  9. Make The Impossible Possible: One Man’s Crusade to Inspire Others to Dream Bigger and Achieve the Extraordinary – Bill Strickland and Vince Rause
  10. The 4 Hour Work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich – Timothy Ferriss
  11. Young Bucks: How to Raise a Future Millionaire – Troy Dunn
  12. Instinct: The Power to Unleash Your Inborn Drive – TD Jakes
  13. Roadtrip Nation: A Guide to Discovering Your Path in Life –  Nathan Gebhard and Mike Marriner
  14. 50 Jobs In 50 States: One Man’s Journey of Discovery Across America – Daniel Seddiqui
  15. Wicked Success Is Inside Every Woman – Vickie L. Milazzo
  16. The Start Up of You: Adapt to the Future, Invest in Yourself, and Transform Your Career – Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha
  17. The Teen Guide to Global Action: How to Connect with Others (Near & Far) to Create Social Change – Barbara A. Lewis
  18. The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears – Mark Batterson



Nicki Sanders is a cupcake lover with a passion for self-discovery and career development. She has a strong background in developing and managing interns and successful internship programs. She is an accomplished manager, professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has packaged her Master of Social Work degree and 20 years of diverse work experience into Packaged For Success, a full service training and professional development company.

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