5 of the Best Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers



5 of the Best Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers

By Charles Bernard


As a CEO and manager, my top priority is helping my employees stay motivated by maintaining a healthy work-life balance. I want a work environment that minimizes stress and promotes good energy. However, I must lead by example! That means practicing what I preach and maintaining a healthy work-life balance myself. So today, I’ll be sharing 5 of the best work-life balance tips for managers to help you stay energized and happy.


Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers #1: Block out time in your calendar to recharge. 

It’s important to take time to recharge. Especially on those hectic days!

I suggest scheduling two 15-minute “recharge breaks” during your day, which don’t have to occur at the same time every day. I recommend blocking out one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Do this in addition to taking lunch and any other quick breaks like going to the bathroom or getting a glass of water.


Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers #2: Create a start of day process.

When I get into the office every day, I follow the same routine. After firing up my laptop, I go to a section in my Sales PlayBook and work on my beginning of day checklist.


Here’s what it includes.

 Day beginning:

  1. Review calendar
  2. Review weekly goals
  3. Catch up with email
  4. Deal with papers on desk
  5. Review WIP (my notepad)
  6. Remember to tweet (nothing political)
  7. Remember to time block free time


Reviewing this list helps me to start off my day on the right foot. This also stops me from feeling like a pin-ball that’s bouncing from one thing to the next.


Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers #3: Create an end of day process.

Before going home, I review my end of day list, which is also in my Sales PlayBook. Here’s what it includes.


Day completion:

  1. Journaled 3 things I am grateful for and 3 people I helped today
  2. Went through WIP (my notebook)
  3. Closed out pending emails
  4. Reviewed calendar
  5. Remembered to Tweet


Reviewing this list helps me to wind down and not feel like I’ve left a lot of incomplete items behind. My head is clear, and I’m not stressed about what I have left undone.


Of course, there are days I don’t go through my start and end processes and I’ll give myself a pass. However, I know it’s there and I can pick it up anytime I want. I like to remind myself to be grateful, so I like to do this activity at a minimum.


I encourage my team to do this or something similar because it makes us more collaborative and purposeful.


Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers #4: Plan vacations.

Taking time to unwind is crucial as a leader. You can’t be on all the time!

When I plan a vacation well in advance I’m able to look forward to it for a long time.


Personally, I like to plan a year in advance. This gives me time to do research and plan an exciting itinerary, especially if I’m going with my family. Planning ahead also gives others on the team a heads up. It allows them to plan work while I’m away and unavailable.


Bonus tip for managers: A practice I like to use with my employees is making their vacations a little more special too. I like to give them a little extra cash for a nice meal with their significant other or to use on something else fun.


Work-Life Balance Tips for Managers #5: Clean closets.

This is my all-time favorite


When I clean my desk and workspace and others do the same, I find we become happier and more productive! It lifts an enormous weight off our shoulders. People work better in tidy environments.


At CFS, we will do at least two big “house cleanings” per year. We also tidy common areas, like the conference rooms and closets.


I do the same at home. Going from a neat environment to an untidy one gives me angst. So I like to be consistent everywhere!

What do you do to maintain a healthy work-life balance?


Article originally posted on Criteria For Success.


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