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5 Tips for Recruiting The Best Millennials

by Joel Goldstein


Millennials are the largest generation within the workforce and offer employers a set of skills unique to this age group; so knowing how to attract them to your company is essential. Forget about just posting a job description on different websites and waiting for the applications to pour in! Instead, be proactive and use these 5 tips to recruit the best Millennials:


Update social media.
When a Millennial sees a job posting for your company, where is the first place he or she goes? Social media. It’s no surprise that this tech-savvy generation heads right to check your social media pages to get a glimpse into your company. These pages should give Millennials a good idea of your company culture, the atmosphere in the office, and what kind of work is done. Millennials will decide whether or not to apply based on what they see, so be sure to update frequently.


Break out of the conference room.
Many interviews are held inside conference rooms or small, human resources offices that give out a rigid, corporate vibe. Next time you interview a Millennial, break out of the ordinary and take the interviewee on a tour around the office. Let Millennial candidates see how the office functions, get a vibe for the people who work there, and imagine themselves sitting at one of those desks. Taking them away from the classic structure of an interview will help them relax and see you work for a laid-back, desirable company.


Don’t forget the perks.
Although money is important (after all, Millennials have bills, too!) this generation wants to hear about the other perks associated with job offers. Don’t forget to mention opportunities for professional development, career growth, team building activities and oh yeah, that Ping-Pong table downstairs, too. Although these may not seem as important as monetary compensation, Millennials are looking for companies that can offer the full package, not just a check at the end of the week.


Use LinkedIn.
Obviously, the majority of recruiters are using LinkedIn to reach out to Millennial job candidates, but are they doing it correctly? Recruiters should be searching for Millennials and connecting with them even before positions are open. That way, the recruiter has time to engage with them via LinkedIn and build a foundation for the relationship. Search for Millennials that would be a great fit on your team, and connect with them. Engage with their updates and posts on LinkedIn to make sure they see you. When a position does become available, it will seem more natural to reach out to someone who you’ve already been connected to for months.


Make it mobile.
Over 77% of Millennials use mobile phones to search and apply for jobs. If you’re trying to attract employees within this age range, you have to be mobile-friendly. Millennial job seekers want to be able to search for new opportunities while on the go, whether that means in line at a coffee shop or while passing the time on their commute to work. Make it easy for this generation to apply by making sure your careers website is mobile friendly so they can search without issue. If you want to go one step further, take advantage of options on job boards such as Indeed that allow employers to select whether candidates can submit applications via mobile devices.


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