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Happy President’s Day!

I hesitated A LOT before making the decision to publish this post. I considered how it could negatively impact my brand and business. (Have I Ruined My Professional Image?) I wondered if people would understand how it “fits” with my purpose and mission of my business. I decided that my authenticity and values are more important than being liked.  I am not looking for controversy or shock so why write this? I am writing this because I was overcome with grief at the state of our country and feel the need to speak out against the atrocities I see daily.


As I think about President’s Day and the person who holds the office of the United States presidency, I am literally saddened and angered. My strong beliefs have nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican. I don’t think he deserves the position, respects the office, or genuinely cares about humanity. Harsh, I know, but it’s how I feel. I honestly feel that we have regressed 50 years. The lies, division, classism, misogyny and narcissism I’ve witnessed in 45 over the last two years are nightmarish – and fueling my disdain and distrust. I realize that there are people who believe he is the best thing since sliced bread and disagree wholeheartedly with my views.  I’m alright with agreeing to disagree because democracy and freedom are what make America great. We are a country of diversity and inclusion and love and liberty.


I am writing because I believe that the leader of the free world should lead with compassion, intelligence, and integrity.  Leadership Tips for President’s Day:

  1. Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation. -Simon Sinek
  2. Leadership is not a position or a title. It is action and example.
  3. Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. -John F. Kennedy
  4. Leadership to me means duty, honor, country. It means character, and it means listening from time to time. -George W. Bush
  5. In a world of complex threats, our security and leadership depends on all elements of our power – including strong and principled diplomacy. -Barack Obama
  6. A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit. -Arnold H. Glasow
  7. Be the kind of leader you would follow.
  8. No man will make a great leader who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit for doing it. -Andrew Carnegie
  9. Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you must be without one, be without the strategy. -Norman Schwarzkopf
  10. The function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers. -Ralph Nader
  11. Leadership is not a popularity contest; it’s about leaving your ego at the door.
  12. The name of the game is to lead without a title. -Robin S. Sharma
  13. Leadership is a privilege to better the lives of others. It is not an opportunity to satisfy personal greed. -Mwai Kibaki
  14. Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure the impact lasts in your absence. -Sheryl Sandberg
  15. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. -John C. Maxwell


Nicki Sanders, MSW, is a cupcake lover with a passion for self-discovery and career development. She has a strong background in developing and managing interns and successful internship programs. She is an accomplished manager, professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has packaged her Master of Social Work degree and 20 years of diverse work experience into Packaged For Success, a full service training and professional development company.

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