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Your life and career are on a continuum. Career management is the lifelong process of investing resources into your career to maintain or increase your value in the workplace, undertake work that is personally satisfying, strive for work/life balance, and achieve financial security.

Mid-level managers, are you ready to become a more bold, authentic, effective, and powerful leader? I am offering you strategic career management services for every phase of your career.

Say goodbye to confusion, fear, negativity, and obstacles. The time has come to equip yourself with the tools to outline your individual needs, set realistic career and team goals, identify your personal leadership style, establish yourself as an expert, and expand your influence.

  • It’s hard to hit a moving target. Clarity is key if you want to Get Promoted.
  • Confidence and competence in your skillset lead to credibility in the workplace.
  • Proactively cultivating and leveraging your professional network are essential for a long-term successful career.

Aging is inevitable but growth is optional. Tell me, in which stage of the career process you are, then let’s create the plan and get to work!

(1) Clarity – Career Acceleration
(2) Credibility – Career Development
(3) Cultivation – Career Expansion

Are you wondering how to be more visible, navigate office politics, delegate with intention, and strengthen your problem-solving and conflict-resolution skills?

Ambitious women in mid-level management, invest in yourself by registering for my monthly workshops, individual coaching packages, and Get Promoted Group Coaching Program to gain the support and training you need to excel now and in the future.

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Nicki Sanders, MSW, CEO, is a travel and cupcake lover with an aptitude for authentic connection and career acceleration. She has an extensive background in developing and managing successful programs and leading high-functioning multi-disciplinary teams. She is an accomplished professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has merged her Master of Social Work degree and over 20 years of diverse work experience into a thriving business.  Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting helps businesses recruit and retain the best employees and helps women in mid-level management Get Promoted to the job of their dreams.  

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