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Video: Why Gabrielle Union Chose to Reveal Vulnerability in “You Got Anything Stronger?” | The View

In her appearance on The View to promote her new book, Gabrielle Union mentions the feelings of aloneness and the need for community several times. That struck a chord with me because building community is one of my core values. I have not read her book, but in the interviews that I have seen, she mentions intense and important topics such as infertility, sexual assault, infidelity, mental health, perimenopause/menopause, marriage, and parenting. Of course, Gabrielle is on her media blitz and tour to promote her new book but here are the ideas that came to me after watching this clip of The View:

  1. Create a book club companion guide with thought-provoking questions and encourage purchasing and reading the book with your community
  2. Host a virtual conference and invite experts to share resources and teach on the topics covered in the book
  3. Host an in-person Women’s Wellness Day where women come together for pampering, discussion, and building community
  4. Create a website with national resources on topics mentioned in the book
  5. Organize or promote local support groups on topics mentioned in the book

What other ideas can you think of?

My focus isn’t just on celebrities. I am a master at idea generation, and I want to help you reap a fall harvest. If you are ready to receive valuable ideas to leverage your skills, interests, and education, now through September 30, 2021, you can take part in a Fall Harvest Brainstorming Session.

A Fall Harvest Brainstorming Session is great for employees and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re wondering how to expand your professional network, evaluate a stretch project, strengthen your professional reputation or brand, and a host of other areas in between, I have ideas for you. I am resourceful and thinking outside the box is a gift that I want to share with you.

Schedule your one-hour Fall Harvest Brainstorming Session and gain at least 3 implementable money-making or career-advancing ideas for just $139.00. This is not a Career Activation Strategy Success where we walk through the implementation process – this is strictly an idea generation brainstorming session.

Don’t miss out. There’s still time to schedule your session. Your elevation awaits!

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