What Do You Believe Is Possible For Your Social Work Career?



More than any other time of the year, December seems to fill the world with a sense of miracles and magic. The holiday season is in fact a celebration of miracles. Holiday magic is made up of wonder and amazement, not magician tricks. The world seems more open to giving, loving and believing. When you are in a healthy place in life, December can feel like a gift.

What Do You Believe Is Available For Your Social Work Career?

  • There are social workers earning six figures in their jobs who are not licensed.
  • There are social work entrepreneurs earning six figures who aren’t in private practice.
  • There are social workers who are empowered and excited about the work they get to do every day and aren’t burned out or angry.
  • There are social workers whose colleagues have become like family as they serve together in a healthy workplace.
  • There are social workers who have had six-figure student loan debt forgiven and are not bogged down with despair about their financial future.

Anger, discouragement, compassion fatigue, and professional burnout should be social work career exceptions, not expectations.

Overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated should be shocking disappointments, not normal occurrences.

We get to choose to accept the gift of magic and miracles that the social work profession provides. Magic and miracles in social work include, but aren’t limited to:

  • The opportunity to make a positive impact in the world
  • The ability to work with diverse populations
  • The ability to work in different locations
  • The ability to work in different industries
  • The opportunity for ongoing personal and professional development

En Vogue said, “Free your mind and the rest will follow”.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”.

I’m reminding you today that you have to “see it before you see it”.

I absolutely believe in you 100%, but it’s more important that you believe in yourself!

As a Social Work Career Coach for high-performing Women of Color in social work leadership, trust me when I tell you that no career exploration, job search, or career advancement strategies will work if you don’t believe in your own value, trust in your potential, and know that a career that feeds your heart, mind, and wallet is available to you.

Give yourself the gift of social work career curiosity, possibility, and opportunity this December.

Three ways to increase your belief and self-confidence:

  1. Define social work career success on your own terms.
  2. Embrace your assets by applying the strength-based approach to yourself and your career.
  3. Stop comparing yourself to other social workers

Reminder: Social work skills are high-income skills!

If you are ready to change the trajectory of your social work leadership career, I am accepting new On My Terms private coaching clients.

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Nicki Sanders, MSW, ushers high-performing women of color in mid-level social work and human services leadership through promotion to senior leadership. As Founder and CEO of Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting, her mission is simple – to eliminate toxic workplaces by developing skilled, empathetic, and goal-oriented leaders who have the vision, support, and resources to create a culture where business prospers, and employees thrive individually and collectively. Nicki has an extensive background in nonprofit management leading high-functioning, multi-disciplinary teams. She is an accomplished professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has combined her gift for authentic relationships, Master of Social Work degree, and over 20 years of diverse work experience to create a life and career aligned with her values and purpose. Nicki is a lover of cupcakes, travel, and 80’s hip hop and R&B music.

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