What Is Your Greatest Leadership Challenge?



Today I facilitated a workshop titled, “Best Practices for Engaging with Schools” which allowed me to flow back into my experience and expertise in public/private partnerships, community outreach, and relationship building. I have to admit that it was great to step back into that world! I didn’t realize that I missed it until today.

One of the reflection questions for the participants who want to partner with schools to deliver youth programming was “Who Is Sitting at the Table”. I provided a list of personalities who may be at the community table and asked who was missing. A community activist gave the correct answer. The youth were missing from the table. Adults have a habit of telling youth what they need and how they need it, but successful youth programs include the voices of youth.

The same principle applies to leadership development. I can create programs from my personal experience, the experiences of my clients, and my research but transformation happens when I bring more Women of Color into the fold. I want to hear from you.

  • Microaggressions?
  • Difficult employees?
  • Self-advocacy?
  • Salary negotiation?
  • Micromanager?
  • Setting Boundaries?

What is your greatest leadership challenge as a Woman of Color in social work leadership?

What topics/issues would you like me to cover in live streams, coaching programs, and workshops?


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