Are You Prepared For The Next Big Shake-Up?



Ten years ago today – On August 23, 2011, the East Coast was hit with a 5.8 magnitude earthquake. The epicenter of the quake was about five miles south of Mineral, Virginia, but the shocks could be felt from Georgia to Canada. The U.S. Geological Survey says quake may have been felt by more people than any other earthquake in U.S. history. It was my daughter’s 18th birthday, and she felt the earth shake on her college campus. I was driving 70 mph on I-95 after visiting her over the weekend and felt nothing. I had no idea what had happened until I started to get panic phone calls. No deaths were reported, and the only known injuries were minor. The seismic shaking resulted in relatively few damages, but the largest temblor east of the Rocky Mountains in more than a century caused an estimated $200-300 million in damages in central Virginia and the Washington DC area, including severe damage to the Washington Monument and the Washington National Cathedral. The Washington Monument was closed for more than two years while repairs were made. The National Cathedral has reopened but phase two of the restoration has not begun and is estimated to take an additional 10 years to complete.

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Shake-Up?

Businesses and what seems like entire industries have suffered permanent on temporary collapse during the global coronavirus health pandemic. Sonic, Amazon, and Walmart have thrived during these times when many small businesses have closed their doors or laid off employees. Strategic pivots (and maybe even a bit of luck) have allowed other businesses to survive and jump back on the path to business profit.

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Shake-Up?

Many employers who had the ability to telework during the pandemic didn’t miss a paycheck but encountered a myriad of other workplace challenges. The experiences of service workers forced into unemployment or underemployment is unlike anything our economy has seen in modern times. The country is reopening, and many employers refuse to return to low-wage, high-stress positions where they were mistreated or not valued. The tables have turned and employees now have the upper hand in the hiring process. No one knows how long this reversal of power will last.

Are You Prepared For The Next Big Shake-Up?

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