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THANK YOU for supporting The Teen Toolbox and for reading our blog.  Through our Packaged For Success™ programs, we utilize youth portfolio development, academic empowerment, and civic engagement to help youth set goals for life after high school and create a road map to reach those goals. We are also strongly committed to supporting youth as they “age out” of the foster care system.   As you know, we continue to blog weekly and would like to REshare a few blog posts with you (in case you missed them).  The five blog links are listed below for your pleasure.  Happy Reading!!  And please feel free to leave comments directly on the blog pages.


1.    BLOG REVIEW: Why Foster Care And Why Now?


2.    BLOG REVIEW: Passion, Compassion, and Integrity


3.    BLOG REVIEW: Nicki, Have You Been Packaged For Success™?


4.    BLOG REVIEW: Where Did Packaged For Success™ Come From?


5.    BLOG REVIEW: Pack A Diaper Too?


Also, if you are in need of a workshop facilitator, trainer, or speaker in the areas of positive youth development, life skills/independent living, goal setting, academic empowerment, career exploration, or civic engagement, please contact me.  Additionally, I am available as a consultant in the areas of foster care, program development and management, volunteer recruitment, parental engagement, and community development. 




Nicki Sanders, MSW, Chief Visionary Officer

The Teen Toolbox provides youth portfolio development and civic engagement and academic enrichment opportunities to help teens set goals for life after high school and create a road map to reach those goals through its PACKAGED FOR SUCCESS™ Programs.

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