Five Ways High Achievers Can Eliminate Overwhelm And Get Un-Stuck


Five Ways High Achievers Can Eliminate Overwhelm And Get Un-Stuck

By Janet Authorine James Mahon – Ellevate, Contributor at Forbes Women

You are on your way to an abundant life, enthusiastically checking every box on your to-do list, and you unexpectedly become stuck. You try your usual tricks to free yourself, but this time nothing works. Your mind and body are telling you that your old way of operating no longer works and it is time for something new.

There have been so many times that I have had to work through the overwhelm that leads to inaction. It is a frustrating feeling, especially for high achievers who are used to powering through any struggle. Here are a few tips you can use to free your mind and create space for progress.

1) Practice mindfulness.
Island mindfulness brings the gift of presence. It is the convergence of a conscious mind and a free spirit. Find confidence in knowing that you are one with the universe and the universe is rooting for you. Know that your mind can be that junk drawer where you toss everything or a calm oasis. Calm is what we seek.

Begin with five minutes of mindfulness meditation each morning to clear the clutter from your mind. The only requirement is a quiet space to be one with yourself. Eliminate all thoughts of the past or the future and focus on the present. Take a few deep breaths and feel it move throughout your body.

As a society, we have moved away from the joy of stillness, so this may feel like an uncomfortable exercise. Don’t give up! Within a week, you will notice a big difference in your stress level and mindset. Take that calm with you throughout the day and tap into that space when overwhelm starts to set in.

2) Avoid overwhelm.
Mindfulness helped you clear the clutter from your mind. Now, clear the clutter from both your physical space and your to-do list.

Decluttering your physical space can free the mind, so make your bed, give away the clothes that you haven’t worn in a year, store the knick-knacks in the garage, and create a workspace that promotes calm. I am surrounded by books, because that brings me calm.

Finally, identify one activity that consistently brings you peace, such as going for a short walk. This will be your stress-free ritual when stress starts to build up.

3) Get un-stuck.
After meditation, when your mind is calm, have a honest conversation with yourself about what is causing the mental block prohibiting you from accomplishing a particular goal or task (wrong goal, resources, lack of confidence, time constraints).

Act based on your truth, but go at your own pace. If you are on social media, you will notice so many people seemingly passing you by. Understand that everyone is on a different journey.

If you keep your foot on the gas that leads to your destination, you are winning. When you go at your own pace, you enjoy the journey – and you also enjoy the rewards when you arrive safely.

4) Focus on balance.
We get stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck when we are focusing on either too many priorities or the wrong priorities.

Multi-tasking is disastrous to balance. Each morning, choose no more than three priorities.

5) Create an abundant life.
Find your purpose and then determine what legacy you would like to create. Your purpose and your legacy are your main missions in life; everything else is either a distraction or a wonderful bonus. Eliminate the distractions.

Finally, don’t keep moving the goalpost for success; walk in gratitude and stop to enjoy each victory. As with any practice, repetition is the key to success.

Article originally appeared on Forbes.

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