Happy 91st Birthday Dr. King


There is so much that I want to say about the amazing life, leadership, and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His words and actions are applicable to discussions about individual self-worth, family, branding, integrity, education, career advancement, leadership, opportunity, purpose, mindset, faith, service, and the list goes on. Dr. King was able to change lives and laws because he was clear about his goals, committed, strategic, and had a strong network of support. When the obstacles around him appeared greater than the work ahead of him he persevered. Despite hatred, violence, and intentional plots for his demise, he persisted. I am inspired by his accomplishments and in awe of his love for humanity. Dr. King is a powerhouse example of leading with boldness and authenticity.

Dr. King left an amazing leadership blueprint that extends beyond civil rights. His footprints can be traced in many manners of locations and ways.

  • I’ve traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to visit The King Center and Dr. King’s family home.
  • I’ve traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to visit the Loraine Motel.
  • Here in my hometown of Washington, DC, I’ve visited the Lincoln Memorial and the King Memorial.
  • I am planning a trip to Birmingham and Montgomery in Alabama soon.

How will you leave a legacy?

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