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I have read very little over the past 3 years – which in all honesty is concerning because reading is the ultimate self-care for me. Reading a book means that I have quieted my mind and dedicated time to myself. That has not been the case. It was most notable during the start of the coronavirus pandemic. I’ve read one small book in the last 16 months!! Yeah, it’s concerning.

I started to read ‘We Should All Be Millionaires’ by Rachel Rodgers last September while on business/vacation in Miami. I grabbed the book, laid on a comfy beach chair, started reading and fell asleep. The flight home was so short and my mind was so full of new knowledge that I didn’t reopen the book. I hadn’t opened it again since unpacking it.

I learned about Rachel Rodgers during quarantine and the murder of George Floyd. In addition to her business, HelloSeven, I love being a witness to the opening of the Rodgers Ranch.

We Should All Be Millionaires: A Woman’s Guide to Earning More, Building Wealth, and Gaining Economic Power details a realistic, achievable, step-by-step path to creating the support, confidence, and plan you need to own your success and become the millionaire the world needs you to be.

Only 10 percent of the world’s millionaires are women, making it difficult for women to wield the economic power that will create lasting equality. Whatever is stopping you from having seven figures in the bank—whether it’s shaky confidence, knowledge gaps when it comes to wealth building tactics, imposter syndrome, a janky mindset about money (it’s okay, we’ve all been there!), or simply not knowing where to begin—this book shows you how to clear every obstacle in your way, show up, and glow up.

We Should All Be Millionaires will forever change the way you think about money and your ability to earn it.

In this book, Rachel Rodgers— a Black woman, mother of four, attorney, business owner, and self-made millionaire— shares the lessons she’s learned both in her own journey to wealth and in coaching hundreds of women through their own journeys to seven figures.

I was excited when I purchased the book. It has been recommended to me by 2 of my business coaches. A friend loved the audiobook and recommended it to me. I’ve seen countless rave reviews online.

Have you read the book? What are your thoughts?

My goal is to finish the book in the next 30 days. I plan to start rereading it today.

I welcome you to join me in my journey to complete the book if you can.

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