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Who Is Nicki?
I’m Nicki Sanders – a natural born “helper” and teacher.

I’m a Mother, a Macro Social Work Professional, an experienced Human Services Administrator, a college Professor, and of course an Entrepreneur. Those are just my titles.

Just in case you want to know a little more about me, I’m a native Washingtonian, an introvert with extrovert tendencies, a first-generation college student, a lover of cupcakes and pancakes, a roller coaster rider, a non-fiction book reader, and a huge fan of New Edition and old school 80’s hip hop. My ultimate life goal is to trade in suburban life for country living. Yes, I love farms  and barns too.

I have a huge supportive family. I grew up in a close-knit community with neighbors and teachers who provided me a strong sense of safety and security. After giving birth to my daughter in my sophomore year in college, transferring institutions at the end of my junior year, putting in untold hours of volunteer time (which is a another passion of mine), working various low-wage jobs, acquiring too many student loans, and mastering sleep deprivation, I finally earned my Bachelor’s degree from Trinity College (now Trinity Washington University where I serve as an Adjunct Professor) and Master of Social Work with a concentration in Management and Community Organization and a specialization in Social Action and Community Development degree from University of Maryland, Baltimore,  School of Social Work.

I have worked for the federal government, in school-based and community-based programs, and with families (including teen parents), teens, and with human service professionals. I began The Teen Toolbox on a very part-time basis in 2007 while attending graduate school.  The Teen Toolbox provided life skills training with special supports for teens in the foster care system. I ran my business like a hobby for many years but in 2014, I changed my business name to Packaged For Success to incorporate all of my passions, skills, and experiences. Packaged For Success is now Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting. IT IS ME!

Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting is a representation of who I am authentically and my avenue for making a deeper impact in the world. Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting helps businesses recruit, hire, train and retain the best employees and coaches women in mid-level management to their next career level. 

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Thanks for stopping by and feel free to browse around the website a bit longer. There’s lots to see and read.

Envisioning Success,

Nicki Sanders, MSW, CEO

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  • Wish I’d had you and your services for my grandson from beginning of 9th grade!!! Ian just finished his first semester at Frostburg U. with a 2.8 GPA. He did just fine away from his Mom and me! Please continue your work with our youngsters, they are worth it.

    • You were such an amazing teacher and an AWESOME supporter. Thank you for decades of encouragement and for continuing to work on behalf of your grandson Ian and all youth!

  • I follow you on twitter and I just love what you do and what you stand for. Our children need a voice and you are that voice. Many, many, many students do not have direction; therefore their decision making is blurred. You give them direction and guidance. Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you Sheri. I am grateful to be able to have a platform to speak out for our children and help guide them toward purposeful decision making.

      And I am definitely following your awesome work as well!

  • Your work is valued from afar! I will support you in any way that I can. I love the Pack a Purse Drive! Keep me posted about if you decide to host it before the Christmas Season. I will share your information with my Michigan contacts. Kudos on walking the walk!!!

    • Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I am following you on Twitter and am inspired by your work as well. I look forward to staying connected and will definitely keep you posted on the Pack A Purse. Wishing you continued success. — Nicki

  • Thank you for blogging about my book. I appreciate it.

  • Nicki, you are such an inspiration! I am so proud of you and your work! You are making such a difference, I’m sure you don’t even know! Keep up the good work. The world is a scary and sometimes dangerous place for our youth and having a solid, positive mentor/support system is CRITICAL. I pray for the continued success of all your endeavors.

  • Nice. I was in Human Resources for a million years before starting my own company. It’s so nice to see someone to caring who wants to help and make a difference.

  • I tell you I am so Proud of you, You don’t just think about it you find a way to make it work, Most & best of it is that it’s not just for You it’s for others more so, Big Blessing to you for what You Do, Much Love..

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