Who Are You Talking To?



‘Who are you talking to’ is a loaded question with various meanings.

  1. Who are you talking to?

Who do you award the privilege of your time? Who is influencing you or speaking into or over your life?

  1. Who are you talking to?

Who are you sharing your wisdom and experience with? Who are you pouring into? I believe that we are blessed to be a blessing and we should lift as we climb.

  1. Who are you talking to?

Are you setting firm boundaries and standing up for yourself? Be OK with having to check someone with a “you must not know who you’re talking to with that foolishness” conversation.


Each question and response are important to your elevation.

Connection: Limiting or eliminating the time you spend with people who drain you will allow you more time with people who uplift and inspire and accelerate your growth and success.

Mentorship: Sharing your success journey with others reinforces your skills, boosts your confidence, and expands your network.

Self-Advocacy: You are your priority. You teach people how to treat you. Refusing to be mistreated is not only essential but also liberating.

Bonus: Are you the one wasting your time, dragging yourself down, discounting your achievements, speaking negativity over your life? Do you need to set yourself straight with a come to Jesus conversation? Do not be your own worst enemy.

Remember, Choose You In 2022!


Nicki Sanders, MSW, ushers high-performing women of color in mid-level social work and human services leadership through promotion to senior leadership. As Founder and CEO of Nicki Sanders Leadership Consulting, her mission is simple – to eliminate toxic workplaces by developing skilled, empathetic, and goal-oriented leaders who have the vision, support, and resources to create a culture where business prospers, and employees thrive individually and collectively. Nicki has an extensive background in nonprofit management leading high-functioning, multi-disciplinary teams. She is an accomplished professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has combined her gift for authentic relationships, Master of Social Work degree, and over 20 years of diverse work experience to create a life and career aligned with her values and purpose. Nicki is a lover of cupcakes, travel, and 80’s hip hop and R&B music.

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