5 Career Lessons You Can Learn From New Edition


I LOVE New Edition. I have loved New Edition since 1983. From Candy Girl to Still In Love With You – I have grown up with them. In 2014, New Edition traveled the United States on their All Six tour – Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Ralph, Mike, and Johnny hit the stage together again after years. Without a new musical project in stores they filled large arenas (like the Verizon Center in Washington, DC) with screaming, die-hard fans. New Edition’s three decades in the music industry is a great example of how to build a successful career.

5 Career Lessons You Can Learn From New Edition:
1. Do What You Love – For all you In Sync and B2K fans, New Edition was the original boy band. They have been in the music industry over 32 years and have a cult like following because of the love they have for what they do. You don’t experience this type of longevity in a tough industry without passion.

2. Be Consistent – New Edition is consistent. They are a brand known for many things, but in particular they are known for: (1) signature suits, (2) awesome choreography, and (3) adding rap/talk to their R&B sound.

3. Collaborate – Create a team and support system that not only encourages you but challenges you to stay the course and maximize your potential. In addition to the 8 New Edition group albums, all of the New Edition members have achieved individual success as artists – Ralph Tresvant, Bobby Brown, Johnny Gill, and Bell Biv DeVoe (Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, and Ronnie DeVoe). Ralph, Johnny, and Bobby also tour as Heads of State. In my opinion they are equally talented – no one outshines the others.

4. Nurture Your Talent – When you attend a New Edition concert you get a SHOW.  All of the New Edition members are in their mid to late forties. They have practiced and rehearsed their songs and dance routines for over 30 years.  To be able to sing and execute the choreography learned in their twenties takes commitment, hard work, and self-care. They Rock!

5. Give Your Best – Without a doubt, New Edition are performers. Each time they hit the stage or touch a microphone they give their best. They know that their fans want to hear the old songs and the new songs. They know that true New Edition fans buy concert tickets to hear My Prerogative (Bobby), Sensitivity (Ralph), Rub You The Right Way (Johnny), and Poison (BBD) just as much as we want to hear If It Isn’t Love and they don’t disappoint. They do more than they are paid to do and it brings us to our feet every time!

Did I already say how much I LOVE New Edition?

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Check out the talent of all six New Edition members in the Hit Me Off video.


5 Career Lessons You Can Learn From New Edition

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