7 Qualities of a Quality Manager


Qualitythe degree of excellence of something; a distinct attribute or characteristic


Managers can make or break a team. A quality manager leads by example, works with their team instead of directing from a distance, and treats everyone with respect. Here are 7 additional qualities of a quality manager.


M – Motivated

A quality manager is motivated about their work and works hard to keep their staff motivated.


A – Assertive

A quality manager is a good communicator who is clear, direct, and diplomatic.


N – No Nonsense

A quality manager focuses on team work, goals, and solutions while limiting drama, blame, and complaining.


A – Accountable

A quality manager values self-assessment and constructive feedback.


G – Grateful

A quality manager expresses gratitude to their team and does abuse their power.


E – Efficient

A quality manager is focused, well-organized, and competent.


R – Responsible

A quality manager takes responsibility for the actions and outcomes of themselves and their staff – positive or negative.


 “A bad leader can take a good staff and destroy it, causing the best employees to flee and the remainder to lose motivation.” -Unknown





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