Are You Moving On…In September?


September Is…

  1. International Update Your Resume Month
  2. Self-Care Awareness Month
  3. Self-Improvement Month
  4. National Preparedness Month

Are you updating, caring, improving and preparing yourself and your career?

Media – radio and television – can be a very cut throat industry. In Washington, DC we connect with our media personalities in a special way. We are loyal to our television and radio stations as well as our newscaster and radio show hosts. As I ponder the subjects we recognize in September, it brings to my two awesome news anchors who just departed WTTG Fox 5 in Washington, DC – Allison Seymour and Shawn Yancy. Rumor has it that although these women seized their power and departed on their one terms, the decisions were precipitated by behind the scenes discourse or disrespect. Whatever the reason, they are moving on to the next chapters of their lives with dignity and integrity. 

Allison left Fox 5 on August 7th after 21 years with the station. Allison was initially hired as a general assignment reporter for the evening news then served as a health reporter, noon anchor and midday anchor. Since 2007, Allison served as a main anchor of the FOX 5 Morning Show and Good Day DC. 

Shawn departed Fox 5 on September 11th exactly 19 years from the day she started. The first story that Shawn covered was the September 11th terrorist attack and I remember her first day on air. Shawn earned an Edward R. Murrow Award for an investigative series on asbestos and the National Institutes of Health and an Emmy Award for Outstanding News Anchor in D.C.

3 Strategies to Help You Move On When The Time Comes:

  1. Be Authentic – Be yourself. Neither Allison nor Shawn changed who they are to keep their jobs. They let their personalities shine through and we connected with them like close friends. They invited us into their lives and reported on stories that were important to our lives. 
  1. Build Your Brand – Allison and Shawn are fixtures in the local community. They have shown that they care and that they have our best interest at heart. They are also well-respected and admired in their industry with friends across radio and television – even on competing stations. Their names and reputations precede them.
  1. Utilize All Your Skills – Depend on your skills and not your job. Both Allison and Shawn utilized their professional skills outside of the newsroom. Allison formerly co-hosted  “Allison & Marc in the afternoon”with her husband Marc Clarke on WHUR FM in Washington, DC and now they have taken their talents to the airwaves starting Monday, August 17th, on Miami based digital radio station 100 Hip Hop and RNB FM. Shawn founded Girls Night Out by Shawn Yancy. Girls’ Night Out by Shawn Yancy began in 2010 and works to empower and improve the lives of women & children. In 2019, Girls’ Night Out by Shawn Yancy Inc. became a registered non-profit organization known as the Giving Foundation for Women and Children Inc.

You don’t have to remain stuck or stagnant in your life or your career. Contact me if you’re ready to move on.


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