How To Write A Great Internship Position Description



“If you build it they will come” doesn’t apply to employment and internship recruitment.

If you want to attract the best intern you want to start with a great announcement or position description. You don’t want to write a boring laundry list of unimportant tasks or duties only. Interns are looking for experience together with fun and an inviting culture. You need to include language and details that make people want to join your team.


Check out these tips on how to write a great job description:

  • A great position description outlines title, skills, responsibilities, compensation, length of internship and how to apply.
  • A great position description has a strong summary statement that show what makes your company unique.
  • A great position description is not generic, it is specific to your company.
  • A great position description introduces your company’s mission and core values.
  • A great position description is lively and not boring.
  • A great position description introduces the importance of the work not just the tasks to be performed.
  • A great position description details how the intern will help your company meet its objectives or the type of impact they can make.
  • A great position description lists minimum and preferred qualifications.
  • A great position description is not littered with jargon.
  • A great position description describes the type of intern that you want to host and the characteristics needed to help them succeed.


Once you’ve created the perfect internship position description, the next step is to post the announcement in the places your ideal intern will find it.  Check out these 5 Places to Advertise Your Internship Opportunity . Happy Recruiting!


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