18 Reasons Not To Hire That Intern



The selection criteria and standards you utilize to hire employees should be your guide when deciding which intern to welcome into your business. Hiring is the most important part of an internship program. It is more important than assigning tasks and choosing a work space. Although you may truly desire to bring in an intern or if you really need an extra set of hands, you should never hire an intern in desperation. The wrong intern can be detrimental to your culture, customers, and bottom line. The right intern can help you increase productivity and profits while training the next generation of professionals.


An interview is a great way to learn more about potential candidates. Some candidates are great at the interview but may not be great employees.  One thing that makes it easy to ace an interview is that there are many ways to prepare for an interview and interview tips are abundant in books and online. This is the time to be thorough and detailed. I encourage you to be aware of your biases and prejudices that could lead to unfair hiring practices. You want to be open-minded and non-judgmental while trusting your instincts and honoring your core values.

Here are 18 reasons not to hire an intern:

  1. Unable to follow application instructions
  2. Doesn’t ask questions during the interview
  3. Late to interview without notice or valid explanation
  4. Negative attitude during the interview
  5. Arrogant, rude, or demeaning during the interview
  6. Unprepared or unknowledgeable about company or position
  7. Lack of interest during the interview
  8. Poor communication or inability to express complete thoughts
  9. Obvious lying or exaggeration
  10. Unprofessional appearance or poor hygiene
  11. Too aggressive
  12. You feel sorry for them
  13. Condemns past employers or coworkers
  14. Racist or prejudiced
  15. No goals or lack of direction
  16. Not a good listener
  17. Immature or unwilling to take responsibility for their actions
  18. Skills don’t match your needs


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