What Makes A Great Intern?



Every industry can benefit from interns!

There isn’t an industry or company that can’t bebefit from fresh persectives, additional hands, and a qualified  workerforce. The needs of every business and organization differ, therefore, I don’t believe that a particular major or school or age makes an intern great.  I do believe that there are universal characteristics that make a great intern. A great intern is:


IInitiative – A great intern takes initiative and doesn’t sit idle or always wait to be told exactly what to do


NNavigation – A great intern has the willingness, skills and confidence to navigate challenges and solve problems


TTeachable – A great intern is teachable and open to learning new ways of thinking and doing and also has the capacity to accept constructive criticism


EEngaged – A great intern is engaged in the internship process and in the work of the company


RResponsible – A great intern takes responsibility for their actions


NNatural – A great intern is a natural fit for your company. No one has to force the connection or pretend to be someone they are not.


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Contact me if you require additional support to develop a strong internship program that allows you to increase your business’s productivity and profits while training a new generation of workers.

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