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On August 2, 2018, I went alone to the movie theater to see the documentary Made For More. A week before I purchased my movie ticket I had never heard of Rachel Hollis or the Rise Conference.  I was scrolling through Instagram and a post from a business coach inviting women to join her at the premiere of Made For More caught my attention. There were two dates available for this special feature – August 2nd and August 13th.  I loved the title of the movie and the idea of women empowering each other…and because I am also in the process of “playing bigger” I decided this was a movie I didn’t want to miss.


As soon as I pulled onto the movie theater parking lot, I saw groups of women making this outing a “girls’ night out”, but I was intentionally alone. In fact, this was the first time I had ever attended a movie by myself. It seemed like the right movie and the right time. I’m a true introvert who needs to digest and process things alone before sharing them with the world and I decided to use this documentary as a part of my personal development plan.


Are you ready for my movie review?

The entrepreneur in me loved,not just the film, but the journey to the film. Remember I did not know anything about Rachel Hollis before seeing the documentary. I decided not to research her before the movie but to enter with a mind open to genius and encouragement. I had no idea Rachel was a blogger, author, motivational speaker, social media maven, or brilliant business woman before I entered the theater. I actually think this lack of knowledge allowed me to experience the film with “child-like” wonder.  My creativity and confidence in my potential were in overdrive as I learned how this business empire is being built. (Note to self: You Can Do This!)


Rachel Hollis had the “audacity” to dream big dreams. She knew that she was “Made For More” and her authenticity, boldness, and tenacity have inspired thousands and thousands of women. The entrepreneur in me loved the birds eye view of how her business, books, and conference came to be. I was reminded that my theme for 2018 is “Apply The Knowledge” and my word for 2018 is “Implement”. The workshop facilitator in me loved the interactive activities. (I already use some of the same motivational strategies that Rachel uses to stay on course.)  The group facilitator in me was impressed with the safe space and sisterhood she created in room full of strangers. The social worker in me was delighted to see that day one of the Rise weekend is focused on healing from (childhood) trauma and that day of Rise two is focused on the present and moving forward. This was more than motivation – there was inner work taking place.


Rachel shares her personal development journey so that others understand they are made for more.  My major takeaways from ‘Made For More’ are:

  1. You belong here
  2. You are not alone
  3. Don’t be OK with just being OK
  4. Demand more of yourself
  5. No one gets to tell you how big your dreams get to be
  6. If you want something and it doesn’t exist, make it yourself.


Two thumbs up from me! I AM MADE FOR MORE!






Nicki Sanders, MSW, is a travel and cupcake lover with a passion for self-discovery and career advancement. She has a strong background in developing and managing interns and successful internship programs. She is an accomplished manager, professor, coach, trainer, and group facilitator who has packaged her Master of Social Work degree and 20 years of diverse work experience into Packaged For Success Enterprises, a full service training and professional development company.

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