31 Things You Can Do With A Social Work Degree


Social Workers help people in need but how that help is provided depends on the individual.  Social workers at the micro level work with individuals. Macro social workers institute change with large systems. Mezzo practice is used for small groups such as neighborhoods.

Social Work is a very diverse profession. The career options are limitless. Whether you want to be an employee or an entrepreneur, or you want to be a clinician or an administrator, the professional doors are open to you.

Here Are 31 Things You Can Do With A Social Work Degree:

Job Titles:

  1. Case Manager
  2. Community Outreach Worker
  3. Probation Officer
  4. Eligibility Worker
  5. Human Services Specialist
  6. Substance Abuse Counselor
  7. Employee Assistance Program Counselor
  8. Victim Services Advocate
  9. Professor
  10. Director of Corporate Social Responsibility
  11. Director of Development
  12. Veteran’s Affairs Social Worker
  13. Executive Director
  14. Public Policy Analyst
  15. Housing Specialist


  1. Public child welfare agencies
  2. Adoption and foster care agencies
  3. Residential facilities
  4. Nursing homes
  5. Child care centers
  6. Community mental health centers
  7. Psychiatric hospitals
  8. Day treatment centers
  9. Schools
  10. Jails and prisons
  11. Courts
  12. Advocacy organizations
  13. Development corporations
  14. Community centers
  15. Local, state, and federal government
  16. Community associations

Of course, this list is not exhaustive of all the ways a Social Worker can change the world.  Want to learn more?

Social Work Students and New Social Work Professionals

JOIN two experienced social workers after May graduation and final exams to learn more about launching a successful social work career. Laila El-Asmar, LCSW-C, and I will host a career workshop for new social workers in the month of May. We will provide strategies and resources to help you determine your next steps, stay abreast of new knowledge, and build your social work career on a strong foundation. You will also have the opportunity to network with other emerging professionals. Our social work career workshop will be held in Rockville, MD.

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